Special Topic Forums or “Special Town Meetings”

From the founding of the HCA in 1911, special town meetings to bring information to the public and stimulate debate about specific town issues have been one of the HCA’s core functions and, historically, its most well-known signature event. Currently, the HCA coordinates and funds special topic forums featuring knowledgeable speakers once or twice a year. In order to help residents become fully informed, forums usually feature more than one speaker to provide a well-rounded view of the issue. The forums are moderated by the BOG president and include a visual presentation followed by a question and answer period.

The venue is usually the Borough Hall auditorium. Some topics have been: Sewer & Water Infrastructure, Haddonfield Neighborhood Watch, Open Space funding, Smart Growth/TOD development (PATCO) in New Jersey, the future of libraries, COAH (Council for Affordable Housing) law.

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