2023 HCA Scholarship Award Recipients

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The 2023 Bradshaw Literary Award Recipient is Joseph Keegan

Joseph Keegan - 2023 Bradshaw Literary Award Recipient

Since the 1920s, the HCA has recognized an HMHS senior with the Bradshaw Literary Award for their thoughtful and creative response to a civic-oriented writing prompt. Named after Mr. Bradshaw (HCA President 1920-1925), he had a strong interest in the youth of the community and he established an essay competition which served to encourage an interest and awareness of the need for participation in civic affairs. Now, the essay program is conducted at HMHS under the supervision of the English Department and the essays are judged by a BOG committee. Congratulations to Joseph Keegan!

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The 2023 Kaufmann Performing Arts Award Recipient is Celia Wojcik

Celia Wojcik - 2023 Kaufmann Performing Arts Award Recipient

Mr. Kaufmann was a long-time Haddonfield resident and enthusiastic amateur in the world of the performing arts. He wrote, composed and directed a musical commemorating his beloved hometown, “Kings’ Road”, winning a Freedom Foundation Award.  He was committed to assisting those around him, not looking for recognition and thanks, just looking to help. Accordingly, this award seeks to recognize a HMHS senior who exemplifies his twin passions of civic engagement and participation in the performing arts. Congratulations to Celia Wojcik!

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The 2023 Quanci Visual Arts Award Recipient is Pilar Caruso


The HCA Board recognizes the visual arts program has been so strong, growing in stature and numbers (thanks to the hard work of the faculty and administrative support), that it deserved it’s own award. All HMHS seniors are encouraged to enter visual art submission for consideration. Entries include 2D and 3D pieces in any medium. The HCA is continually proud of the hard work and insight shared by the HMHS students and their display of creativity. Congratulations to Pilar Caruso!

Pilar Caruso’s Artwork

Pilar Caruso - 2023 Quanci Visual Arts Recipient -artwork

Pilar Caruso’s Response to Prompt

This piece represents the ways in which Haddonfield encourages community members to care for their surrounding environment. Haddonfield prioritizes projects that improve its natural beauty, from our parks to school gardens. One area, though, that has often been overlooked is Hopkins Pond. To combat the rising amounts of trash left at Hopkins Pond, the LEO club hosts multiple park clean ups a year, which I have eagerly participated in. Because I have grown up across Hopkins Pond my whole life, I have developed a sense of love for the nature around me. Haddonfield has deepened such love by encouraging me to get involved in my community in any way possible. This piece is constructed of magazine paper and trash I collected from around Hopkins Pond, which would have othersise never been picked up. By completing this piece, I simultaneously expressed my artistic talents and gave back to my community.

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