Annual Town Dinner

The annual Town Dinner is delayed.

Dear Haddonfield Residents,

The evening of May 6th, 2020 would have been the Haddonfield Civic Association’s 90th annual meeting and dinner. Since 1937, the HCA has honored, on behalf of the community, one citizen who displays uncommon leadership with the intention of recognizing those who have unselfishly inspired others and encouraged broader participation in the activities of the Haddonfield community.

Beginning in 1975, this high honor was recognized with the Alfred E. Driscoll Community Service Award, named after the distinguished New Jersey governor from Haddonfield. Outside of WWII, this year marks only the second time the HCA will not present the award at the spring dinner and annual meeting. We are excited about this year’s Driscoll Award recipient but will wait to announce the honoree at a time when the recipient’s family, friends, and Haddonfield neighbors can join together in one celebration. Look for an update as we move towards the fall and hopefully, a return to normal gatherings and celebrations.

The annual dinner is also the time for the Board of Governors to announce and recognize three HMHS seniors with HCA scholarships. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly recognize the winners of the Bradshaw Literary Award, the Quanci Visual Arts Award and the Kaufmann Performing Arts Award. The scholarships were presented at the Senior Awards Night on June 2nd.

Two of the scholarships, the Bradshaw Literary and Quanci Visual, are awarded based on a student’s response to a writing prompt that focused this year on a passion for civic engagement. This year’s prompt reads as follows:

“In 2020, voters across America, including some HMHS seniors, will cast their votes. There are many ways – apart from voting – that young people can be civically engaged.  Describe how young people can get more involved in their community (as you choose to define community). Or, if you have been civically active within your community, describe that experience.“

The HCA Board of Governors are delighted to announce this year’s Bradshaw Literary Award winner is Gemma Miller, and the Quanci Visual Arts Award goes to Victoria Hirst. Our third scholarship, the Kaufmann Performing Arts Award, recognizes a student’s participation in the performing arts. This year, the Kaufmann Award goes to Evelyn Skyrm.

Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of Gemma, Victoria and Evelyn. We would also like to thank all of the seniors who submitted entries this year. We were impressed with the high caliber of all submissions – a special class indeed!

Thank you.
The 2020 Haddonfield Civic Associations Board of Governors.


The Annual Town Dinner has been an HCA tradition since the founding of the organization in 1911. In the early years, it was held at Artisan’s Hall (now the Haddonfield Fortnightly) and, since the early 1960s, at Tavistock Country Club.

Open to all town residents, the Dinner is the Annual Meeting and election of officers for the HCA. As part of the dinner program, there is a brief business meeting with reports by the Officers, the Nominating Committee and then the election of the new Officers along with the proposed BOG members.

The Dinner is also an opportunity for the HCA to honor different community organizations or individuals with the Alfred E. Driscoll Community Service Award for their volunteer service and contribution to the town of Haddonfield. Over the years, such notable examples have been: The Haddonfield Friends School, The Indian King Tavern, and the Haddon Fire Company No. 1. The winners for the high school senior awards given by the HCA (the Bradshaw Literary Award, the Kaufmann Performing Arts Award and the Quanci Visual Arts Award) are also recognized at the Dinner.


Alfred E. Driscoll Community Service Award
The Haddonfield Civic Association presents the Alfred E. Driscoll Community Service Award honoring the late Governor Driscoll, a distinguished citizen of Haddonfield and the State of New Jersey.  The award was renamed in 1975 to recognize uncommon effort on behalf of the community with the intention that those who receive it will inspire others, and that it will encourage broader participation in the activities in the Haddonfield community.

Click Here to See the Present Alfred E. Driscoll Community Service Award Recipient and Past Recipients

The Bradshaw Literary Award

The Civic Association established an essay competition open to high school senior boys during the HCA presidency of Robert Bradshaw (1920-1925). Mr. Bradshaw had a strong interest in the youth of the community and introduced the competition to encourage participation of young people in civic affairs. In 1931, the Civic Association paid tribute to its late past president by renaming the competition the Robert Bradshaw Memorial Essay Contest. Submissions to the contest were expanded in 2010 to allow for student recognition in both the visual and performing arts.

Today, we ask all HMHS seniors to give thoughtful consideration to a civic-related writing prompt developed by the HCA Education Committee with assistance from both the English and Social Studies departments at HMHS. Submissions are evaluated by members of the HCA Board of Governors and the winner is asked to present their essay at the HCA annual Town Dinner.  The winning student is also presented with a $500 award scholarship on Senior Awards Night.

Click Here to See the Present Bradshaw Literary Award Recipient and Past Recipients

The Kaufmann Performing Arts Award

Each year, the HCA presents an award to commemorate Harry Kaufmann, a former member of the Haddonfield Civic Association and HCA president from 1971 to 1973. Mr. Kaufmann was a long-time Haddonfield resident and enthusiastic amateur in the world of the performing arts. As an employee of the Philadelphia Inter-State Dairy Council, he illustrated children’s books, sang and played his way through an educational radio program. He wrote, composed and directed a musical commemorating his beloved hometown, “Kings’ Road,” for which he was recognized with the Freedom Foundation Award.  As importantly, Harry Kaufmann was committed to assisting those around him, never seeking attention or recognition, always out of a genuine desire to help.

Accordingly, this award seeks to recognize a HMHS senior who exemplifies Kaufmann’s exceptional personal character and passion for both civic engagement and participation in the performing arts.

Eligible students are nominated by the Performing Arts teachers and asked to complete an application for consideration. Completed applications along with short recommendations from the nominting teachers are forwarded and evaluated by HCA members of the Board of Governors.  HCA members discuss the qualifications of each nominee and identify one candidate for the Kaufmann award.

The Kaufmann Award recipient is recognized at the HCA annual Town Dinner and presented with a $500 award scholarship at Senior Awards Night.

Click Here to See the Present Kaufmann Performing Arts Award Recipient and Past Recipients

The Quanci Visual Arts Award

The HCA Board recognizes the visual arts program has been so strong, growing in stature and numbers (thanks to the hard work of the faculty and administrative support), that it deserved it’s own award. The Quanci Visual Arts scholarship was first awarded to an HMHS senior in 2017. It is named for the Lisa Quanci, serving on the HCA Since 2005. She spearheaded this 3rd Scholarship award over the years to recognize the triad of the Arts: literary, performing and visual arts.

Click Here to See the Present Quanci Visual Arts Award Recipient and Past Recipients

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