Quanci Visual Arts Award

In 2014, the HCA Board of Governors voted to recognize students in the HMHS visual arts department by including art submissions for the Bradshaw Scholarship Award (renamed from the Bradshaw Essay Award to include both written essays and artwork). The Bradshaw award was split between an essay winner and an art winner until 2017, when the HCA board established a dedicated visual arts scholarship award: the Quanci Visual Arts Award. This award is named for Lisa Brandinelli Quanci, longtime HCA member, HCA Education Chair and artist in her own right.

The Quanci Visual Arts Award is granted to a student who uses artistic expression to thoughtfully and creatively respond to the same writing prompt used for the Bradshaw Literary Award. The student must also include a written description of their thoughts about the piece and how it relates to the prompt.

Submissions are evaluated by members of the HCA Board of Governors. The winning student is recognized at the HCA annual Town Dinner and asked to display their artwork for attendees to enjoy. They are presented with a $500 scholarship award on Senior Awards Night.

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  1. All submissions due Monday, April 3rd, 2023 
  2. Artwork should be no larger than 20×30 in the student’s choice of medium
  3. Each submission MUST INCLUDE A WRITTEN DESCRIPTION of the student’s thought behind the piece including how it relates to the writing prompt. This description should be attached to the back of the artwork.
  4. Students MUST include a phone number for identification and communication purposes – all submissions are evaluated “BLIND.”
  5. Artwork should be delivered to the HMHS Art teacher Mrs. Allie Westerside
  6. We ask permission to display all the art pieces at our Annual Town Dinner April 20th, 2023 where the winning student will be recognized
  7. The winner will receive a $500 scholarship on Senior Awards Night

Past Visual Arts Winners

2010's Recipients

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