Quanci Visual Arts Award

The HCA Board recognizes the visual arts program has been so strong, growing in stature and numbers (thanks to the hard work of the faculty and administrative support), that it deserved it’s own award. The Quanci Visual Arts scholarship was first awarded to an HMHS senior in 2017. It is named for the Lisa Quanci, serving on the HCA Since 2005. She spearheaded this 3rd Scholarship award over the years to recognize the triad of the Arts: literary, performing and visual arts.

The annual Prompt Presented by the HCA Is the inspiration for both the Bradshaw and the Quanci submission entries. All HMHS seniors are encouraged to enter visual art submission for consideration. Entries include 2D and 3D pieces in any medium. The submissions are evaluated by successfully answering The prompt subject. The HCA is continually proud of the hard work and insight shared by the HMHS students and their display of creativity.

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Past Visual Arts Winners

2020's Recipients
2010's Recipients

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