Kaufmann Performing Arts Award

This annual award commemorates Harry Kaufmann, a former member of the Haddonfield Civic Association, long-time Haddonfield resident, and enthusiastic amateur in the performing arts world. As an employee of the Philadelphia Inter-State Dairy Council, he illustrated children’s books and sang and played his way through an educational radio program. He wrote, composed, and directed a musical commemorating his beloved hometown, for which he won a Freedom Foundation Award. His enthusiasm for Haddonfield and his many good deeds were more often behind the scenes and with no accolades. He performed quite often at center stage and enjoyed making things happen to better his fellow citizens. 

Someone once said about Mr. Kaufmann, “…whenever he touched your life, you felt better for it.” In this spirit, the Kaufmann Award is presented annually to a young individual for an unselfish contribution on or off the performing arts stage. 

The Kaufmann Award Criteria

The Harry Kaufmann Award seeks to recognize one HMHS senior who exemplifies Kaufmann’s twin passions of civic engagement and participation in the performing arts. The award is open to a graduating HMHS senior nominated by his/her performing arts (orchestra, band, theater, dance, and choral music) teacher. The nominee should be an active and valued participant, whether on the stage or behind the scenes, and demonstrate a commitment to the broader community. The student doesn’t need to look toward a career in the performing arts, or even a college major in the field. Nor is it expected that the candidate is someone viewed as the “star of the show.” Previous award winners were highly involved, active, creative, “behind-the-scenes” students. Any show’s success depends on those who work with dedication and creativity in a variety of ways.  

The Kaufmann Award Selection Process

Performing arts teachers should identify and nominate no more than three (3) students who fit the award criteria and share the provided application with those students. Students must fill out the application and return to the nominating teacher. The teacher will then forward a copy of the application and a short recommendation specifically addressing qualifications for the award to the chair of the HCA Education Committee.

HCA members share and discuss the qualifications of each nominee and identify one candidate for the Kaufmann award. A representative from the HCA will notify the nominating teacher and student.

The Kaufmann Award Details 

  1. Applications and teacher recommendations should be sent by the nominating teacher to School Administrator Samantha Wilson at the front office by Thursday, March 28th, 2024
  2. Students should include a contact phone number and email address on the application
  3. The winner will be recognized at our Annual Town Dinner April 17th, 2024 and receive a $500 scholarship on Senior Awards Night

2024 Kaufmann Performing Arts Award – Letter to Teachers

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Past Kaufmann Performing Arts Award Winners

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