Alfred E. Driscoll Community Service Award

Since 1931, the Haddonfield Civic Association has recognized individuals or organizations that have made a lasting, positive impact on our town in a volunteer capacity. Each year, the HCA presents the Alfred E. Driscoll Award honoring the late Governor Driscoll, a distinguished citizen of Haddonfield and the state of New Jersey.

The Award acknowledges an uncommon effort made on behalf of the community, with the intention that those who receive it will inspire others, and that it will encourage broader participation in civic activities in the Haddonfield.

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Who Was Alfred E. Driscoll?

Alfred E. Driscoll, distinguished Haddonfield citizen, HMHS Class of 1921, was a Governor of the state of New Jersey from 1947-1954.

He was in public service for many decades including:

  • Haddonfield Board of Education 1929-1937
  • Haddonfield Borough Commissioner  1937-1947
  • NJ State Senator 1939-1941
  • Governor of New Jersey 1947-1954

While building the NJ Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, and NJ Palisades were all remarkable achievements, he also accomplished the following:

1) Desegregating all NJ public schools in 1948.

2) He also desegregated the NJ National Guard and State Police.  He received notice from the US Military that they would decertify the NJ National Guard since the US Military had not desegregated yet and as a result NJ would be defunded.  He stood his ground.  Apparently it went up the chain of command and President Eisenhower, who was close with him, commanded the US Military to immediately start planning to desegregate the entire military.  One quiet domino set it all off.  NJ was never decertified.

3) He was able to get NJ to finally adopt a new State Constitution.  It included the requirement of a thorough and efficient education for all NJ students.  He believed that a well-educated populace was important to the success of the state.  Many other progressive ideas in there too.

4) He acquired and incorporated the Wharton Tract, Batsto, Island Beach, the Walt Whitman House, and vast other tracts into the NJ Park System.  Two primary reasons – he believed that all residents should be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the state and sought to protect natural resources for the benefit of the populace, ie. underground fresh water aquafers.   He was a great believer in preserving open space and the environment.

He truly was a progressive, inclusive, and visionary man. 

(Who was Alfred E. Driscoll was written by the Haddonfield Alumni Society – visit them at

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