HCA 2022 Annual Town Dinner - Lisa Quanci

The 2022 Annual Town Dinner

April 28th at Tavistock! 6pm Cocktails and Dinner at 7pm!

Meet Our Alfred E. Driscoll Community Service Award recipient and join us for the Annual Town Dinner…


HCA 2022 Scholarship Awards Banner -

2022 Bradshaw Literary Award

See Our Scholarship Recipients!

The recipients will be recognized at our annual Town Dinner on April 28th and receive a $500 scholarship on Senior Awards Night.


Hamilton Jefferson HCA Debate

Hamilton v. Jefferson Debate

Wednesday May 18th at 7pm

Debate of a Lifetime! A meeting and debate between the two most controversial founding fathers!

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For more than 100 years, members have supported the Haddonfield Civic Association’s work to “Inform, Promote and Organize Civic Discussion” in our borough…

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Scholarships & Awards

Each year at our town dinner we present 3 notable members of the Haddonfield community with an award for their service and participation throughout our town…

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Community Listings

A full listing of all of Haddonfield’s non-profit organizations. Learn more about how you can help or join a local non-profit organization to help yourself and the community…

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Support the HCA

For over 100 years, the HCA  has been resident supported. Your contributions provide the support we need to bring the benefits to our community. Thank you. We grow and thrive together. Contribute today!

View Our Previous Annual Town Dinner

We’ve put together a collection of photos and videos highlighting this year’s award recipients.

The HCA recognizes the best and brightest in our town, focuses on key issues, provides public access to important, relevant information and works with the community to promote a positive environment in Haddonfield.

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