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  • Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order for the Nov. 3 elections.
  • Elections to be conducted in a hybrid but mostly mail-in fashion.
  • All of the NJ’s active registered voters will automatically receive prepaid postage ballots in the mail by Oct. 5.
  • There will be no sample ballots. What you receive is what you use to vote.
  • You can put your ballot
    • in the mail
    • drop it in one of several secure boxes to be set up across the state
    • bring it to polling location on Election Day
    • or vote provisionally in person.
  • If you vote by mail, all ballots must be sent through the U.S. Postal Service, postmarked by Nov. 3, and received by county election boards by 8 p.m.
  • Ballots that lack postmarks because to postal error must be by 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 5 to be counted — 48 hours after in-person polls have closed.
  • You can still vote in person — just not in the traditional sense. There will still be some in-person polling locations across the state where people can cast a paper provisional ballot.
  • There will be at least one physical polling location in each of New Jersey’s 565 municipalities, but most people won’t vote via the machines we’re all accustomed to using.
  • Instead, voters will cast paper provisional ballots at those locations, though there will be ADA-conforming voting machines for those with disabilities.
  • Provisional ballots are counted later, after election officials can verify if you haven’t already voted by mail.
  • Counties must make sure there are enough polling places to accommodate at least half of their voters. We will keep you posted on where to find them in Haddonfield.
  • You can also bring your mail-in ballot to an in-person site to make sure it’s dropped off, Murphy said.
  • The state will also set up secure boxes where you can drop your ballot. There will be at least 10 in each county, officials said.
  • All public schools in New Jersey will be closed to in-person instruction on Election Day. That, Murphy said, is to allow schools to be used as polling places.
  • There will be a new online voter registration system. Murphy said it will be up by Sept. 4, “giving new voters an added ability to ensure they get registered.”
  • You can check your registration status on the state’s elections website. You have until Oct. 13 to register.
  • What if you don’t receive a ballot in the mail? If you have problems, you ca visit the state’s elections website, call the state’s Voter Protection hotline at 1-877-NJVOTER, or reach out to your local officials.
  • You can also track your ballot on the state’s elections website. That will show if it gets back to your county’s board of elections.



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 NJ Elections

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Camden County Clerk

Elections & Archive Building
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Mailing Address:
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Camden County Board of Elections

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