The Haddonfield Civic Association (HCA) is pleased to host the 2021 Commissioner’s Candidate Forum on April 12th from 8 – 10pm (extended) via Zoom!
You must register by April 12, 2021 to receive a specific link to view the Candidate Forum on Zoom.
Deadline to submit questions was April 5, 2021.

The HCA has long-standing tradition of working hard to create a forum that speaks to all of our residents. The HCA does not support or promote any candidate or any partisan event. Our goal is to:

Organize – A nonpartisan event moderated by a nonpartisan third party.
Promote – Reach out to the entire Haddonfield community.
Inform – Inform Haddonfield residents of candidates, their platform and their position on Borough issues.
Discuss – By providing a nonpartisan event we allow the issues to be discussed and remain transparent. Our hope is to provide every Haddonfield resident an opportunity to make an informed, unbiased vote based on the virtue and quality of the candidate.

The candidates will explain why they are running for commissioner or seeking re-election. They will discuss their platform and answer questions submitted in advance. The forum will be moderated by a representative from the League of Women Voters.

  1. The forum will start with 90 second openings by all candidates
  2. Following the openings will be a question and answer period. The moderator has the authority to determine whether a question will be asked, the order of questions, and he or she may disallow a question if it is a personal attack and/or not related to election issues.
  3. If a question is directed to a particular candidate, s/he will have one and one-half (1 ½) minutes to respond.  The remaining candidates will have the opportunity to respond and they will have one (1) minute to do so.
  4. Candidates may decline to answer a question.
  5. If a question is directed to all candidates, or if the moderator decides the question should be answered by all candidates, each candidate will have 1 minute to respond.
  6. Each candidate will have 1.5 minutes (90 seconds) for a closing statement.
  7. The answers will be timed by a League of Women Voter’s member.

This event has passed.



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