Harry Townsend Kaufmann Performing Arts Award

An annual award is made to commemorate Harry Kaufmann, a member of the Haddonfield Civic Association and president from 1971 to 1973.  Mr. Kaufmann was a long-time Haddonfield resident and enthusiastic amateur in the world of the performing arts.  As an employee of the Philadelphia Inter-State Dairy Council, he illustrated children’s books and sang and played his way through an educational radio program.  He wrote, composed and directed a musical commemorating his beloved hometown, “Kings’ Road”, winning a Freedom Foundation Award.  As importantly, however, he was committed to assisting those around him, not looking for recognition and thanks, just looking to help. Accordingly, this award seeks to recognize a HMHS senior who exemplifies his twin passions of civic engagement and participation in the performing arts.

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Past Harry Townsend Kaufmann Winners

2010's Recipients
  • 2019 Sophia Salvatore
  • 2018 Bridget Finnegan
  • 2017 Eli Rosen
  • 2016 Gillian Palmer
  • 2015 Christina Eker
  • 2014 Iris Kwak
  • 2013 Julia Pezek
  • 2012 Jeff Eker
  • 2011 Rachel DiPilla
  • 2010 Dennis Wood

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