Robert Bradshaw Memorial Contest


Details for All HMHS Seniors

Since the 1920s, the HCA has recognized an HMHS senior with the Bradshaw Literary Award for their thoughtful and creative response to a civic-oriented writing prompt. Take advantage of this opportunity for a scholarship award and recognition at our annual Town Dinner!.

This year’s 2019 prompt:
In the age of social media and 24-hour news cycles, many seek out information that reinforces rather than challenges their beliefs and values, while civic-minded citizens seek out and consider opposing views on important issues. Have you been exposed to an opposing viewpoint that altered your thoughts/ideas on an issue? Explain. If you have been exposed to an opposing viewpoint on an issue that did not change your opinion, describe how the experience impacted the way you think about that issue.

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1. All submissions were due Tuesday, April 9th.
2. Submissions are made to any High School LA teacher.
3. Submission must be “blind” – no names, just a contact phone number
4. The essay should be a maximum of 500 words
5. The HCA annual Town Dinner is at Tavistock Country Club on Wednesday, May 1st


History of the Robert Bradshaw Essay Contest

The Civic Association established an essay competition open to boys who were high school seniors during the Presidency of Robert Bradshaw (1920-1925). Mr. Bradshaw had a strong interest in the youth of the community and the competition served to encourage an interest and awareness of the need for participation in civic affairs. Through their writing students give thoughtful consideration to the particular subject proposed and express themselves. The essay program is conducted at HMHS under the supervision of the English Department and the essays are judged by a BOG committee. In 1931 four years after his death, the Civic Association paid tribute to its late Past President by renaming the competition the Robert Bradshaw Memorial Essay Contest.

Beginning in 1972, three finalists were chosen and invited to present their essays during the Town Dinner. On the night of the HMHS graduation, the recipient of the Robert Bradshaw Memorial Essay Contest is announced.

Example of topics:

  • 1931 – Community Spirit in School and Town
  • 1957 – My Philosophy of Life
  • 1961 – Good Government is My Responsibility
  • 1965 – What Improvements can be made in Haddonfield for the Teenager
  • 1972 – A Citizen’s Responsibility to the Local Community
  • 1977 – What Do You See as Problems Being Faced by Borough Officials and Citizens in 1987?
  • 1983 – How Will the Computer Change Our Lives?
  • 1985 – What is my Responsibility as A Concerned Citizen for the Solution to the Trash Disposal Problem at Home and In the World?

Submissions to the Contest were expanded in 2010 to allow for visual art, music and video entries in addition to a written essay. The entries are collected and judged by the HCA Education committee.

The committee uses a rubric, jointly designed with HMHS staff, to evaluate the entries. The rubric is comprised of 5 questions pertaining to the level of completion of varying categories, which include: design, knowledge, application, process and presentation. Each category is worth a maximum of 20 pts. for and total of 100. The two entries that earn the highest number of points are chosen as the winners and informed by the committee chairperson. Each award winners receives a $500 award at the HCA sponsored town dinner and is requested to present their winning piece to the attendees.


Past Robert Bradshaw Winners

2010's Recipients
  • 2019 Mark Vaughn “Library Labor Lose”
  • 2018 Gianna Cucinotta for “08033”
  • 2017 Sophie Kurtz
  • 2016 Henri Mcguigan
  • 2014 Hayley Raymond
  • 2013 Luis Mcguigan and Morgan Sehdev
  • 2012 Samantha Gardner and Emma Dodson
  • 2011 David Mcguigan and Spencer Ing
  • 2010 Meghan McLaughlin and Gregory Bellman

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