Watch the 2022 Haddonfield BOE Candidate Forum

The Haddonfield Civic Association (HCA) is pleased to have hosted the 2022 BOE Candidate Forum on Thursday, Oct. 27, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm via Zoom!

There is a contested election on Nov 8th for a single BOE seat. Two candidates, Michael Nuckols and Mark Cartella, are listed on the ballot with residents able to vote for a single candidate of their own choice to fill the seat.

The HCA has heard from undecided voters who are seeking more information about the candidates before voting. The HCA works to provide a non-biased resource to assist residents to make an informed vote. We hope you enjoy the BOE Candidate Forum. Please consider getting involved with the HCA and make a small donation. Thank you.

Video Content

0:00 – HCA Introduction

1:23 – League of Women Voter’s Introduction

4:25 – BOE Candidate Introduction – Mark Cartella

5:40 – BOE Candidate Introduction – Michael Nuckols

Questions to Candidates:

7:50 – Security:
How do you feel the current use of School Resource Officers in the high school is working?  What is your viewpoint on placing SRO’s in our Middle School and Elementary Schools?

10:55 Infrastructure:
What are your thoughts on the current state of our buildings and grounds? Where can current resources be better reallocated? Are you in favor of a Bond referendum to address infrastructure and building improvements?

13:35 – Sex Ed:
Do you feel it is appropriate to teach sex and gender issues with k-12 school children? At what age would you bring this into the classroom?

15:32 – Anti Bully:
Do you feel enough is being done in our schools to reduce bullying, and provide the necessary support for children who are bullied?

17:40 – Schedule:
How do you feel about the administration’s proposed academic calendar changes that would potentially impact part of August?

19:21 Teachers:
How much do you feel teachers should be included in evaluating and installing of curriculum?

20:56 – Administration:
When introducing a major change in policy, procedure, and methodology into the schools, what are steps you would you take to gain buy-in or increase the level of receptivity of residents?

23:15 – Gender Identity:
The current Haddonfield Board of Education policy 5756 titled “transgender students” states that the “school district shall accept a student’s asserted gender identity; parental consent is not required”. In addition, the policy states that there is no obligation to alert parents regardless of student age either before or after accepting the gender identity. As a board member, do you support this policy as it is because it affirms the student’s stated gender identity, or are you concerned that social transition at school without parental knowledge is an unsupervised psychological intervention?

26:05 – Curriculum:
Do you believe that our educators should be free to teach the true history of slavery in America and about the ongoing negative consequences and racist biases that derived from it – especially touching on blatant voter suppression in our southern states and the unequal treatment of Black citizens in our courts and penal institutions?

28:08 – Vandalism:
Do you feel graffiti and vandalism is an issue in our schools? How would you reduce acts of graffiti and vandalism to school property?

30:25 – Opt Out Policy:
Do you believe the opt out mechanism in its present form allows parents sufficient freedom to remove their children from aspects of the curriculum to which they object, or does it require further modification?

33:24 – Funding:
Haddonfield students are significantly underfunded by the state. What can you do to increase the funding and reduce the property tax burden on residents.

36:18 – Land:
How are you qualified to assess land development issues for the board and what strategies might you have for the district?

39:12 – Equity Council:
Do you oppose or agree/support with the NJ new mandated Equity Council and the NJ Sex Education Curriculum? Please explain your answers.

41:45 – Special Education:
Child Find is part of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The purpose of the law is to serve the education needs of kids with disabilities. Each state and its public schools must have policies and procedures for finding these kids. They must also develop practical methods to identify which kids qualify for special education and related services. What is your proposal to improve Child Find consistent with the existing federal laws?

45:00 – Curriculum:
What’s your position on challenges to the curriculum?

47:40 – Diversity:
What does diversity in education mean to you?

50:00 – General:
What do you feel is the important issue facing the school district?

52:45 – BOE Candidate Closing Statement – Mark Cartella

54:40 – BOE Candidate Closing Statement – Michael Nuckols

56:43 – League of Women Voter’s Close

58:48 – HCA Close


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