Current Board or Governors

General Haddonfield Civic Association Membership

In the Fall on a yearly basis, current members of the HCA are sent updated dues information and invited to renew their membership. Every five years, there is a town-wide membership mailing to all Haddonfield households. General members can serve on standing committees and participate in BOG fundraising, operational and educational activities. At the HCA Annual Town Dinner in the spring, the general membership also approves through a voice vote the slate of officers offered by the Nominating Committee. This slate is for the officers of Board of Governors: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. (Only the President and the Vice President have term limits: one year terms with no more than two consecutive full terms allowed.)

The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors (“BOG”) meets on a monthly basis from September to June. There are several categories of membership on the Board: the officers (5), the immediate past President (1), the elected governors (12) and the appointed standing committee chairpersons (7). This structure is well laid out in the listing of BOG members and contact info document at the very end of this kit. The Board is comprised of residents who should be knowledgeable, involved and engaged in town events/issues. These BOG members present these issues to the Board for consideration and possible action, depending on how the specific issue applies to the core mission of the Organization. Each person only has one vote, regardless of the position or the number of positions they occupy.

The BOG is a working board with each governor expected to choose a committee or initiative to join as the BOG works to fulfill its mission to serve the community of Haddonfield.

Initially a prospective BOG member is invited to join through a nominating process and upon acceptance by the Board, is placed in a four year term or “class”. There are four classes, each with three members each. At the end of those four years, the members “graduate” and must step off the Board. They will not be eligible for re-election to the Board for at least one year after the completion of the four year class term.

However, it is possible to remain as a voting member on the Board in the position of a standing committee chair or as an officer. As an officer or chairperson of a standing committee, they may or may not be removed from their initial class, creating an opening on the BOG with an unexpired term. An open slot with an unexpired term is also created when a BOG member steps down from the Board. In each case, a town resident or a member of the general membership can filled by the President, but with the approval of the Board. At the end of that term the BOG member may be nominated to begin again in a new class.

Below are our current Board of Governor Members:

Eric Johnson

Vice President
Joe Levine

Corresponding Secretary/Publicity
Jamie Grookett

Recording Secretary
Dan Tompkins

Julie Beddingfield

Past President
Dennis Tully

Julie Beddingfield
Joe Ehrhardt
Dan Genel
Jamie Grookett
Linda Hochgertel
Eric Johnson
Dan Kubikian
Joe Levine
Shana Marshall
Jack O’Malley
Lisa Quanci
Amy Subramanian
David Stavetski
Dan Tompkins
Dennis Tully

Robin Potter

*John Connell
* – Past President