Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education Meeting December 4, 2014

Posted on 06 December 2014

Board of Education Meeting December 4, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

The agenda starts with a presentation on the successful fundraising and class moral building activities known as Spirit Week. The discussion was led by the class presidents. In citizen comments was a report of cars not heeding to a stopped bus on Grove Street repeatedly. He brought it to the board's attention after he contacted the police. The 2015 Budget Referendum saw vigorous comment, sometimes heated, over the proposed maintenance referendum. No Vote was taken but a special meeting of December 15 was set to move the motion along after giving the public proper notice and cleaning up of some noticed errors in the calculation of projects. The school calendar was mentioned as being a challenge due to a late Labor Day and both Jewish holidays falling on weekdays in September. Actions taken included staff leaves, retirements and hiring. Of note was the 2014 Financial Audit that found nearly no errors: $14,000 of a budget of $35,000,000 that needed better documentation. The board also accepted an $8,000 grant for Lizzie Haddon.

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Planning Board Meetings

Planning Board Meeting December 2, 2014

Posted on 03 December 2014

Planning Board Meeting December 2, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

This final meeting of 2014 also saw the end of 5 months of meetings on the subdivision application of 605 Warwick Rd. After the dust settled the application was denied with prejudice meaning the board rejected the application based on a list of deficiencies in the plan. Mostly these shortcomings involved storm water management and maintenance. The developer can improve these areas and resubmit the application. This of course will start the process all over again.

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Planning Board Meetings

Planning Board Meeting November 13, 2014

Posted on 14 November 2014

Planning Board Meeting November 13, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

This meeting continues the hearing of the 605 Warwick Rd subdivision application. Tonight included the majority of citizen testimony, a revisiting of the issue of traffic management and driveway placement and the testimony of the Planning Board and Borough's engineer. Due to reaching the time limit the meeting will continue during the December meeting

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Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education Meeting Nobember 13, 2014

Posted on 14 November 2014

Board of Education Meeting November 13, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

The agenda for this meeting included a commendation for Elizabeth Haddon's Summer Reading Challenge Champs Juliana Dellorco and Parker Williams who combined to read over 28,000 minutes. The student representative report honored the passing of classmate Colin Hough as well as updating the board on some recent scholastic successes. Citizen comments included a concern over a welcoming prayer during the American Legion's Veteran's Day ceremony as well as a request to work on aligning our district's spring break with neighboring districts for efficiency. Board member comments included an appreciation for the Middle School's Veteran's Day program among others. The superintendent's report presented the 2015 Bond Referendum package. Discussion centered around timing and the BOE consensus was a March 2015 election. The curriculum update included a proposal for the Math "Move-Up" opportunities for middle schoolers. Board action included approving district building maintenance audits and plans and accepting the resignation of district architect Garrison Architects.

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Haddonfield Borough Commissioner Meetings

Commissioners’ Meeting November 10, 2014

Posted on 11 November 2014

Commissioners Meeting November 10, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

The Commissioners honored WWII Veterans for Veterans Day in this meeting. They approved the various holiday displays, first night fireworks and declared a weekend in November as Small Business Weekend. Of note the commission is accepting bids for the upgrade to Borough Hall's sound system as well as rejected all 7 bids for the library renovation due to all being over budget.

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Haddonfield Civic Association News and Events

Town Meeting 2014

Posted on 23 October 2014

Haddonfield Town Meeting 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

The 2014 Haddonfield Town meeting featured a panel of our 3 commissioners, BOE Superintendent and Board President, Solicitor, Business Administrator, Planning board, Shade Tree, Library Director, Police and Fire Chief, Supervisor of Public Works taking questions from audience members as well as those watching on the live stream of the event. Questions ranged from curbing sidewalk bicyclists to the upcoming water system sale vote, questions on the BOE bond referendum and teacher contract to the state of our Scorched Leaf diseased Oaks and the upcoming renovations to our library. Thanks to the public officials for attending and answering questions and to the public who attended in person or on-line for their thoughtful questions.

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