Haddonfield Borough Commissioner Meetings

Commissioners’ Meeting June 10, 2014

Posted on 11 June 2014

Haddonfield Commissioner Meeting June 10, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

The June 10th Meeting saw the passage on second reading of the updated Historic District Ordinance. The changes allowed more flexibility to homeowners to preserve their properties while still utilizing more modern material and approaches where appropriate. Also approved on second reading was a bond ordinance for the purchase of Boxwood Hall. This puts to rest a builder suit against our Zoning Board who has repeatedly denied permission for multi-family units built in the historic district on such a significant property to our town's history.

Citizen comments included a builder purposely trying to kill mature trees in defiance of an approved landscape plan that saves the tree, concern about storm water runoff and the emergence of mosquito season exacerbated by runoff and pooling water issues around town.

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Planning Board Meetings

Planning Board Meeting June 3, 2014

Posted on 04 June 2014

Haddonfield Planning Board Meeting June 3, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

The June 3rd meeting of the Haddonfield Planning Board was scheduled to hear the application for the site plan regarding 605 Warwick Rd. However the applicant's representatives asked for a reschedule to revise their plans based on community input and opposition. While the original plan called for the saving of 75% of the existing house, the amended plan will call for its complete demolition and 3 houses erected on the various tax lots that make up the property. Later in the meeting there was a spirited debate regarding asking for land owners to make contributions to the Shade Tree fund if they ask for permission to remove existing trees. A majority of the planning board felt this was a form of "ply-to-play" and suggested a revision to ordinance would be required for such an arrangement.

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Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education Meeting May 29, 2014

Posted on 29 May 2014

Board of Education Meeting May 29, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

This meeting, held in the Middle School library honored the Color Guard for their success in its first year of competition as well as elementary school students for their band awards. The superintendent, assistant superintendent and business administrator contracts were approved as well as new regulations on smoking at school to include e-cigarettes. Various custodial and energy rate amendments were also approved. A discussion around acceptable class sizes and particularly elementary class sizes and the number of sections assigned to each school was discussed by the public. Lastly, the Haddonfield Educational Association (HEA) the local teacher's union made a plea to the board to not allow school to open in the fall without a contract.

The presentation from the Haddonfield Color Guard presented at this meeting is available from youtube and is below:

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Haddonfield Civic Association News and Events


Posted on 27 May 2014

* CONTENTS:  Annual Town Dinner, Spring Forum: HNW @ The Taproom, Featured Essay, Latest Videos *


Our sincerest thanks to everyone who attended the HCA Annual Town Dinner on April 24th!

The award winners honored that night–Jack O’Malley (Driscoll Award for Outstanding Community Service), Allegra Sagresse and Halley Raymond (Bradshaw Award) and Iris Kwak (Kaufmann Award for the Performing Arts)–are all Haddonfield residents who have made a difference through their service to our community.

It was our honor to bring together neighbors, friends, and family to celebrate their achievements.   Your support of the HCA Annual Town Dinner and the award winners was greatly appreciated.

Lee Albright, President

For more coverage – video and pictures – earlier post (May 11)


SPRING FORUM:  Haddonfield Neighborhood Watch


    Protecting Your Home and Property for the Summer:
    So What Can You DO About it?

    May 15th @ The Taproom


The HCA presented a town-wide forum on “Protecting Your Home and Property for the Summer” May 15th as part of our Neighborhood Watch program. Hosted at The Taproom, the event featured complimentary drinks and food for guests as they listened to a full program of speakers, plus a question & answer session.

HCA President Lee Albright opened the evening by welcoming participants and providing information about the HCA. She was followed by emcee Dennis Tully, member of the Neighborhood Watch CItizen Advisory Board, who spoke about the Neighborhood Watch and it’s history in town. Commissioner of Public Safety Neal Rochford greeted the audience and spoke of his and the Commissioners’ support of the Neighborhood Watch and encouraged participation among residents.

The main topic of the forum “Protecting Your Home and Property for the Summer” was presented by Lt. Ed Wiley of the Haddonfield Police Department, who offered a number of practical tips and information for the audience. He emphasized the importance of locking car and house doors, securing windows, keeping trees and hedges trimmed near homes, and notifying neighbors if you will be away so they may keep an eye on your home. In keeping with the goal of the Neighborhood Watch, Wiley urged residents to call the police if they see, hear, or detect anything suspicious, noting the importance of residents as  the “eyes and ears” of their neighborhood, helping extend the efforts of our police. Wiley also urged residents to sign up for the HCA Neighborhood Watch email alerts [www.watch.haddonfieldcivic.com] to receive updated, timely notifications of incidents in Haddonfield.

The final presenter of the night, resident and HCA Board of Governors member Julie Beddingfield, gave an engaging account of how she and her neighbors created their own Neighborhood Watch block group after a rash of home break-ins recently. Beddingfield explained that her neighbors were mobilized into action after the burglaries, and came together with the Neighborhood Watch team to develop a plan for their blocks. This included an initial meeting with Neighborhood Watch Advisory Board members, after which the group shared contact information, created a list serv, and mapped their neighborhood, all in an effort to create enhanced communication among neighbors and increased awareness. One of the key takeaways Beddingfield noted was that residents are not bothering police by calling to report things they find suspicious.

A lively Q&A wrapped up the evening, with Tully, Wiley, and others answering questions and neighbors sharing their stories and tips for increasing awareness in town, particularly during the summer months when many residents are away.


A TIME TO STEP UP by John Reisner, Esq.

On Thursday, June 19th, the H.M.H.S. Class of 2014 will stride across the podium, and into school history. Each of the graduates, in turn, will step up for her or his sheepskin (or reasonable facsimile thereof). It is an emotional time, and as a community, we wish the members of the class well.

However there will be another big step up on that warm Spring evening. With the graduation of the Class of 2014, the members of the Class of 2015 take center stage. It is, perhaps, the first time in their lives that the members of the Junior Class suddenly realize that the future is up to them, and that they, individually and collectively, must step up.

No place is this more evident than in the H.M.H.S. band. For the entire school year, the musicians in the Junior Class, no matter how good they are, have had that Senior trumpet, or clarinet, or trombone next to them, covering their little errors and carrying the entire section of the band. However on graduation day, that Senior is now gowned and tasseled, and proudly sitting with the Senior Class, far across the field from the band. And the Junior musicians suddenly realize that they are it. There is no Senior around any more to carry the band, and to cover for them. It can be more than a little scary, but it also is a wonderful challenge as well. The Juniors in the band, in public, have to step up and carry the band, and the school, into the next year. And they want to do so proudly, to honor that Senior who has carried them, and the school, for the past year.

That same Junior step up will happen again and again over the next few months. It will happen on the field hockey field and on the basketball court, in the drama club and the other activities clubs, on the tennis courts, within the staff of the Shield and the Bulldawg Bulletin, as well as in the H.M.H.S. band. In each case, the former Juniors suddenly will realize that sense of incredible responsibility which has been thrust upon them. And for the most part, they will step up, respond to the challenge, and sparkle, shine and excel, as Seniors are meant to do. And many of them will remember for a lifetime that moment in their life when, alone for the first time, they had to step up and meet the challenges before them.

With the impending graduation of the Class of 2014, yet another page in the book is turned. And the members of the Class of 2015 take that big step up to their responsibilities as Seniors in their school, and as adults in this complicated and challenging world.


Spring Forum Infrastructure: Stormwater & Sidewalks

BOE April 10 meeting

Commissioner’s April 8 meeting

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Haddonfield Borough Commissioner Meetings

Commissioners’ Meeting May 27, 2014

Posted on 27 May 2014

Haddonfield Commissioners Meeting May 27, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

This meeting saw the swearing-in of a new Police Officer as well as a swearing-in of our new Haddon Fire Co. Fire Explorers. This year marks the 250th year of continuous operation for our volunteer Fire Department, the 2nd oldest in the country after Philadelphia. Over the coming months you will see more activities to commemorate this wonderful department. The big nes was the announcement on first reading the Borough's intention to buy Boxwood Hall, currently the Long and Foster office on Haddon Avenue for historic Preservation. This location was the home of Samuel Nicholson Rhodes and is one of our historical treasures. The public meeting to discuss it will be June 10, 2014. Finally there were discussions on storm water run-off, store signs in the historical district, shade tree issues and the Grove Street project.

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Haddonfield Civic Association News and Events

103rd Annual Civic Association Town Dinner

Posted on 11 May 2014

The 103rd Annual Haddonfield Civic Association (HCA) Town Dinner honoring Jack O’Malley with the 2014 Alfred R. Driscoll Award for Community Service was held last week—and proved to be a wonderful night of good food, drinks, friendship, recognition and community spirit.

An overwhelming turnout of 160 supporters of Jack and the HCA arrived in force at the Tavistock Country Club for the cocktail reception, dinner, and awards ceremony. The evening was off to a lively start as the HMHS Jazz Ensemble led by Mr. Chris Janney, Band Director of the high school provided musical entertainment during the cocktail hour.

After a sit-down dinner, HCA President Lee Albright conducted the brief business meeting required by the HCA By-Laws, presenting the slate of new HCA officers and new members for review. All were enthusiastically elected to their new positions by the HCA members in the audience.

Once HCA business wrapped, the scholarship awards ceremony highlighted the outstanding achievements of the winners of the Bradshaw Awards and the Kaufmann Award, both given to graduating HMHS seniors. The recipients of the Bradshaw were Allegra Saggese and Hayley Raymond, and the recipient of the Kaufmann Award for the Performing Arts was Iris Kwak.

Having known Jack since he was a young boy, the Honorable Tish Colombi, former Mayor of Haddonfield, presented him the Driscoll Award and gave us a glimpse of the boy Jack had been. The highlight of the evening was the acceptance speech given by Jack himself. Heartfelt, funny and very inspirational, his remarks entertained and touched the audience. Jack’s story is one of exemplary volunteerism over the years, making him a very deserving recipient of the Driscoll Award.
Although the dinner and formal program finished by 9:15pm, many attendees lingered to talk, catch up with neighbors and friends, and congratulate the recipients. It was clearly a night no one wanted to end!
While the 2014 Dinner will be a tough act to follow, the HCA will do its best to do even better next year. Put it on your calendar for 2015!

Full Video fo the evening is below:

Haddonfield Civic Association Town Dinner 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

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