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Town Meeting 2014

Posted on 23 October 2014

Haddonfield Town Meeting 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

The 2014 Haddonfield Town meeting featured a panel of our 3 commissioners, BOE Superintendent and Board President, Solicitor, Business Administrator, Planning board, Shade Tree, Library Director, Police and Fire Chief, Supervisor of Public Works taking questions from audience members as well as those watching on the live stream of the event. Questions ranged from curbing sidewalk bicyclists to the upcoming water system sale vote, questions on the BOE bond referendum and teacher contract to the state of our Scorched Leaf diseased Oaks and the upcoming renovations to our library. Thanks to the public officials for attending and answering questions and to the public who attended in person or on-line for their thoughtful questions.

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Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education Meeting October 16, 2014

Posted on 18 October 2014

Board of Education Meeting October 16, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

This meeting featured awards for Odyssey of the Mind Winners, a student presentation to create a tuition scholarship for a disadvantaged out-of-district student, a presentation on the district's concussion program and the introduction of a capital bond to do repairs district wide and utilize matching State funds at 34 cents on the dollar. Citizen comments included questions surrounding Bancroft's decision to move as well as statements from the HEA encouraging both sides to settle the expired teacher contract during the November 11th mediation session.

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Haddonfield Borough Commissioner Meetings

Commissioners’ Meeting October 14, 2014

Posted on 15 October 2014

Commissioners Meeting October 14, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

Haddonfield's downtown was awarded the APA-NJ award for Haddonfield being named "Great place in New Jersey" Additional topics covered were permits for First Night and passionate views from the public regarding comments made from the current Zoning Board Chair apparently disparaging residents on Maple Avenue as well as one of the current commissioners. Commissioner Neal Rochford commented that it is a personnel matter and will be addressed according to existing protocol at an upcoming work session.

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Haddonfield Civic Association News and Events

Town Hall Meeting 2014

Posted on 07 October 2014

Zoning, Water Utility Sale, Teacher Contracts, Shared Services…and more

Pose your questions about issues in town to the Commissioners, other municipal officials, and the chairs of municipal commissions/boards as well as the Superintendent of Schools and the BOE President at the Haddonfield Civic Association’s Annual Town Meeting.  New in 2014: we will be livestreaming the event!

The Annual Town Meeting
Hosted by the Haddonfield Civic Association

Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 7:30pm

Haddonfield Borough Hall


If you can’t join in person, watch the Town Meeting live online: 

Live streaming video by Ustream

Moderated by former mayor Leticia “Tish” Colombi, the event will feature brief reports presented by the Commissioners and other officials. The floor will then be open for questions from Haddonfield residents and business owners–everyone will get their turn at the microphone.

One of the HCA’s signature events, the Annual Town Meeting is just one aspect of our mission to “Inform, Promote and Organize Civic Discussion” in Haddonfield. The HCA also organizes forums on current Haddonfield hot topics, videotapes and posts online all commissioners’ and BOE meetings, as well as runs the Neighborhood Watch program.

We’re online! Follow us on our web site, Facebook or Twitter to keep current on news and upcoming events.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HaddonfieldCivicAssociation

Twitter: www.twitter.com/hca1911

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Haddonfield Borough Commissioner Meetings

Commissioners’ Meeting September 23, 2014

Posted on 26 September 2014

Commissioners Meeting September 23, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

The commissioners proclaimed October 8th as walk to school day and September as pediatric cancer awareness month. Approved on second reading a change to the Historic District Ordinance requiring homeowners to officially disclose to a potential buyer their home's status in the district and a change to Land Use giving more involvement to the Shade Tree Commission over tree takedowns by either replanting or paying into a fund to all the Borough to plant somewhere else in compensation. A majority of the discussion centered around the upcoming vote on the sale of the water department as well as emergency response planning during street work and detours.

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Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education Meeting September 23, 2014

Posted on 23 September 2014

Board of Education Meeting September 23, 2014 from Haddonfield Civic Association on Vimeo.

The highlight of this morning meeting of the Board of Education was the passing of a resolution to move the teachers and staff healthcare plans from the NJ State system to Horizon. This move is in anticipation of large increases in the state policy. The members currently have Horizon in the State plan and will see savings with identical coverage in this move. The Haddonfield Education Association was also present and endorsed the move as long as their due diligence did not uncover a negative impact for the teachers and members.

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